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Database of Listed Company as per SEBI Requirement


U.P. Stock Exchange Limited (Formerly known as The U.P. Stock Exchange Association Ltd., Kanpur) occupies a very prominent place among the existing Stock Exchanges in India. The Exchange was inaugurated on 27th August, 1982 by the then Finance Minister Shri Pranab Mukherjee. Right from its inception it has been playing a very prominent role in the development of capital market of Northern India. U.P. Stock Exchange is the only Stock Exchange in whole of Uttar Pradesh and the membership of this Stock Exchange is not restricted to the territories of Uttar Pradesh only. Initially it had 350 members which has now increased to 540 members belonging to almost all important cities of the country. Members living outside Kanpur has contributed a lot by creating the equity cult in whole of the Uttar Pradesh.

( Dr. G.H. Singhania )